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Whether you are searching for a qualified chiropodist or a professional podiatrist in Henfield or Worthing or the surrounding area within West Sussex, our aim is to keep you walking (or running!), enabling you to "Put Your Best Foot Forward"

We deal eith a wide range of conditions including bunions, painful corns and callus (hard skin), cracked heels, Athlete's Foot and other skin problems, toenail deformities including thickened and fungal nails, ingrown toenails, heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, ankle sprains and strains, verrucas and diabetes mention but a few.

From simple toenail cutting to ingrown toenail surgery, from cryosurgery (a freezing process to help with the removal of verrucas) to biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescription (helping you to stand and walk better), we have a range of treatments to keep you on your feet.

Staying One Step Ahead

If "My feet are killing me!" is becoming a familiar phase, don't despair, you don't need to put up with painful feet and you may be surprised how comfortable we can make them feel.

Do remember that foot problems can be avoided and you don't need to wait until your feet hurt before you contact us. Many adult foot ailments arise because no preventative or corrective action was taken during childhood. Please don't ignore your feet and allow the daily wear and tear render you immobile in later life, depriving you of your independence and your ability to participate in social and sporting activities.

Whether your desire is to be able to walk to the shops every-day or to undertake vigorous exercise, we can help. In the same way that you would go to the dentist for regular check-ups on your teeth, your feet would benefit from the attention of a competent chiropodist or podiatrist.

Here at db Foot Clinics our aim is to help you "Put Your Best Foot Forward". In order to do this, we have established the following principles..

• To provide the best possible treatment for our patients
• To ensure our patients understand what we are doing, why we are recommending a particular treatment and what it will cost
• To treat our patients in a pleasant, safe and hygienic environment
• To promote pain-free treatments
• To ensure our patients are seen in a timely manner
• To provide a home-visiting service for those unable to come into our clinics
• To maintain our skills through continuous training and education
• To treat all our patients in confidence and maintain all patient records likewise


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