Kristina has some 30 years experience related to fitness, health and well-being. Having worked in health & fitness at a leisure centre, taught yoga, and practised massage and reflexology in New Zealand, Kristina is well qualified to offer her patients a range of treatments for all ailments.

Massage & Reflexology are suitable for all ages and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. There are many potential benefits provided by massage therapy including physical, mental, emotional and physiological improvements in the body which may not be gained by medicine alone. Many people find that regular treatments prove beneficial to maintaining health and well-being.


Testimonials from clients benefiting from Kristina's treatments:


“ Well this certainly has been an amazing experience for me; I felt comfortable & relaxed with Kristina & I didn’t realise Reflexology would be so effective.  I believe it has helped with my irritable bowel syndrome."  Liz Sutton

“I really believe that Reflexology made some difference to temperament whether directly or simply because I have been in less pain, my wife reckons I am easier to live with.  Kristina has a talent for ‘sorting out’ the human body (and probably mind too) and this must not be lost”.  Anthony Butcher

"‘Healing massage hands’, you are one special lady – you have made me feel really & truly – quiet effervescent." James Robart

"I work with dogs and these lovely pets make sure that all my muscles are always in action. I have been going to Kristina for maintenance massages for the last three years. She always enquires to the current problem-areas as to give the right massage for that moment. And if I need to have a 'reset' of my brain and body I choose to go for reflexology. After Kristina has worked 'her magic' on my feet, I always feel revitalised and this great sense of calm. I would recommend and have done so to all who need compassionate and professional body treatments."  Frankie Wijenberg

Kristina offers:


Of great benefit to anybody engaged in sporting or physical activities or keeping fit. A sport/remedial massage can help you:

- Recover quicker from injury

- Prevent further injury and loss of mobility

- Improve flexibility

- Relax and rejuvenate


A natural and ancient therapy which uses thumb and fingers to apply pressure to the feet or hands to produce a healing response in the corresponding body region. This can:

- Improve existing conditions

- Increase circulation and waste elimination

- Reduce mental stress

- Increase motivation and energy levels

- Promote quality sleep & improve overall health


Designed to release tension within the soft tissues of the body and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being, a Therapeutic Massage can lessen the stresses of modern-day living. Regular massage can also help with high blood pressure, anxiety, repetitive strain injury and infertility issues.


Talking about your problems in a confidential, safe and relaxing atmosphere is included in an empathetic massage. This can help you cope better and think more clearly about the concerns and worries in your life.


If you haven't had a massage with Kristina before, your session time will be extended by 15 minutes to incorporate a FREE initial consultation to ensure the best treatment to suit you.

30 minutes: £32

45 minutes: £43

60 minutes: £50

75 minutes: £60

90 minutes: £70

All treatments are carried out in a confidential, warm and nurturing environment to maximise deep relaxation.

Professional, organic massage waxes are used, containing blended aromatherapy oils to suit your needs and preferences.

Kristina is in the Henfield clinic on Tuesdays with early and late appointments available.  She also works from another clinic in Henfield Monday, Thursday & Fridays.  For more information and to book an appointment please call:

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