Home of South Downs Osteopathy
Home of South Downs Osteopathy

Now accepting new podiatry clients

Our podiatrists are now available for appointments five days a week, so we are once again able to offer appointments to new customers. Get those feet fit and healthy for summer!


Please call or drop into the clinic to book.



We don't only offer footcare!

We also offer Osteopathy at the clinic, to help deal with your aches, pains and strains.


We now have two osteopaths available, so you should find the waiting list has improved greatly and we aim to accommodate new customers within a week of contacting us, where possible. 


We’re a small, friendly clinic offering Chiropody/Podiatry services and Osteopathic Healthcare in Henfield.


The clinic was established in 2008 and has since been providing a high quality podiatry service to Henfield and the surrounding areas. In 2013, Ross brought his osteopathic practice, South Downs Osteopathy, to the clinic and we have been pleased to be able to offer both podiatry and osteopathy services to the community ever since.


Our podiatrists, Karen and Lauren, offer general Podiatry/Chiropody services such as nail cutting, corn and callous removal, alongside more specialist services such as diabetic footcare, biomechanical assessment, orthotic fitting, nail bracing and ingrown toenail surgery.


Our osteopaths, Ross and Amber, can help with all manner of physical ailments, such as back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, pain related to wear and tear, sporting/occupational injuries and postural issues.


Sometimes issues with the feet can affect posture and function in the rest of the body, and vice versa. Our practitioners can work closely together to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Our lovely reception team can often advise the best person to book with in the first instance, if you are unsure what help you need.


You can find us directly opposite the car park behind Sainsbury’s, on the corner of Brick Lane. We look forward to welcoming you to DB Foot Clinic and helping you to feel better and move better!

Staying One Step Ahead

If "My feet are killing me!" is becoming a familiar phase, don't despair, you don't need to put up with painful feet ( or even wait until they become painful!)  - you will be surprised how comfortable we can make them feel.

Here at db Foot Clinic our aim is to help you "Put Your Best Foot Forward". We will:

• Provide the best possible treatment for our patients
• Ensure our patients understand what we are doing, why we are recommending a particular treatment and what it will cost
• Look after our patients in a pleasant, safe and hygienic environment
• Promote pain-free treatments
• Maintain our skills through continuous training and education
• Treat all our patients and maintain their records in complete confidentiality


2 Brick Lane, Off Cooper's Way 





Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


01273 493467 (Henfield)



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